Quantcast Figure 5.10. Hydrant Adapter (352AF)

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UFC 3-460-03
21 JANUARY 2003
5.12.  Remote Controls (Electrical and Magnetic).  Remote control of fueling, defueling, and
emergency stop is performed by a three-element magnetic control KISS switch located near each
hydrant pit. A magnet controls each of the three functions. Placing the horseshoe magnet on either the
refuel or defuel KISS switch causes the appropriate pump to be energized. Usually a lanyard is attached
to the magnet for quick removal. A magnet in the cover over the emergency stop switch holds the
switch closed. By lifting the cover, the switch is deactivated and the system shuts down. Spring-loaded
covers over the refuel and defuel switches may be removed.
5.13. Hydrant Adapter and Liquid Control Valve (352AF).
5.13.1. The 352AF (Figure 5.10) provides a quick pressure-tight connection with the MH-2 hose
cart's 351AF moosehead. The 352AF has a float assembly that controls the level of fuel maintained
in the piping at the end of defueling. The float keeps air from entering the system.
Figure 5.10. Hydrant Adapter (352AF).
5.13.2. During fueling operations, the 352AF float assembly is lifted from its seat as the float
chamber fills with fuel to open the valve. At the end of the defueling operation, the float chamber
drains and the float drops to close the valve, preventing air from entering the system.
5.13.3. A replacement poppet kit is available for the Cla-Val 352AF hydrant adapter. This kit must
be installed on all adapters to preclude a sticking problem encountered with the original poppet. The
poppet face will be stamped as MOD-1 if the kit is installed.
5.13.4.  The API 364AF-2 hydrant adapter and its mating moosehead are industry-standard
replacements for the hydrant adapter of the 352AF and the 351AF moosehead. Replacing the older


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