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UFC 3-580-10
14 July 2004
Including changes 12 April 2005
extended to the workstation and must be terminated in a lock box, which contains
the connection for the network. Printers and other devices associated with the
network must be located in either a CAA, SR, or located within a lock box, which
is secured with an approved PDS lock. The access doors to the RAA must
comply with the associated requirements of a CAA.
Secure Room (SR). An SR is a physical area that meets the
construction requirements of exhibit 10a of SECNAVINST 5510.36 for "open
storage" at the classification level of the information being processed. A PDS is
not required for classified information processed at or below the authorized "open
storage" level for the SR. Provide an empty conduit with pullwire from the SR to
the closest telecommunication room on the same floor. Terminate the conduit in
the SR in the space dedicated for network equipment. Coordinate the space
requirements for network equipment and conduit sizing with the NMCI contractor.
This conduit is intended for encrypted classified information and does not need to
meet PDS requirements.
Horizontal Cable. All horizontal cable must be Category 5e UTP.
Cabling must originate in the secure room and terminate at the workstation.
PDS Raceway. The carrier must be constructed of electrical
metallic tubing (EMT), Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC), or galvanized rigid steel
(GRS), utilizing elbows, couplings, nipples, and connectors of the same
materials. All connections must be permanently sealed completely around all
surfaces by welding or epoxy. Continuous or tack welding of the connection is
acceptable. If pull boxes are used, the covers must be sealed to the mating
surfaces after installation or the covers must have non-removable hinge pins and
must be secured with a General Services Administration (GSA) approved
changeable combination padlock per Federal Specification FF-P-110. Do not use
boxes with pre-punched knockouts.
Terminations. Provide outlets at all locations requiring unencrypted
classified information such as SIPRNET. Terminate cables on eight-position
Category 5e jacks, wired to the T568A configuration in a surface mounted lockbox
equipped with an approved PDS lock meeting the requirements of IA PUB 5239-
22. Provide and terminate cabling in the secure room. Coordinate locations with
the NMCI contractor or the BCO, as applicable. PDS can only be terminated in a
CAA or a RAA. PDS can pass through, but must not be terminated in, a Limited
Access Area (LAA) or Unrestricted Access Area (UAA).


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