Quantcast Part 1: The DOD Real Property Classification System and Associated Cost Factors - ufc_3_701_050006

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UFC 3-701-05
March 2005
The DoD Real Property Classification System (RPCS) is a hierarchical scheme of real property types and functions that serves
as the framework for identifying, categorizing, and analyzing the department's inventory of land and facilities around the
world. This scheme is comprised of a 5-tier structure represented by numerical codes, with 1-digit codes being the most
general and 5- or 6-digit codes representing the most specific types of facilities.
At the most detailed level, each Military Department has established its own set of 5-digit (Army, Navy) or 6-digit (Air Force)
numerical codes--commonly known as facility Category Codes--to represent each type of facility in its inventory. Category
codes are generally similar but not identical between the Military Departments. Because of these differences, and to allow
consistent macro-level analysis and planning across all of the Military Departments, DoD established a higher-level facility
classification that groups facilities with similar functions and units of measure from each Military Department into common
Facility Analysis Categories (FACs). FACs are represented by a 4-digit code. Successively larger groupings of facility types
are represented by 3-, 2-, and 1-digit numerical classifications.
The RPCS structure is numerically consistent between the 1-digit level and the 4-digit level. For example, the Facility Class
represented by the code "1" for "Operation and Training facilities" consists of the 2-, 3-, and 4-digit codes that also begin with
the numeral 1. Likewise, the Category Group represented by the code "11" for "Airfield Pavements" consists of the 3- and 4-
digit codes that also begin with "11." The exception to this rule is FAC 9999, "Not real property," which has no two-or three-
digit counterparts.
This structure does not always extend to the 5- or 6-digit Military Department category codes. These categories are assigned
to 4-digit Facility Analysis Categories based upon function, unit of measure, and related considerations. Because of variations
in Military Department numbering schemes, however, the first 4 digits of some category codes do not match the 4-digit FACs
to which they are assigned. For this reason, the Military Department category code table (5+ digit) indicates the FAC to which


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